EK0079LC - Lithium Battery 36 Hole

Price: £249.00

EK0079LC - Lithium Battery 36 Hole

Caddy Cell Lithium 22ah Battery Kit


Comprising Caddy Cell 36 Hole Battery, Caddy Cell Charger & Battery Bag

No matter which trolley you use, the Caddy Cell Lithium battery offers the perfect alternative to replace a traditional lead acid unit.


• Lifetime 5 times longer than equivalent lead acid*.
• Designed to fit any mainstream electric trolley.
• Charges from empty in under 5 hours.
• Advanced BMS system constantly optimises performance and life.
• Suitable for 36 holes (single-motored) / 18 holes (dual-motored).
• Now with five year limited warranty** (battery only)

* Compared to typical 24ah lead acid battery